Chris and Johnny are working on new material and have several new songs written. Things are back on track and thank you for all your patience with us


We're picking up the pieces after a tough summer for all of us. Weeding through the 20+ tracks we've written and recorded for an upcoming album in memory of Tod Law. Keep posted on our facebook page for more details.

<October10th 2010>

Full album review on the Associated Content.

Unit 187: Out for Blood

Published October 09, 2010 by:
Joshywa Schrader

The Newest Album in a Long Line..

This is one of those times that people have to ask themselves how much they really know about their "underground music." Quite frankly, many are mislead by sparkly, poppy crap that means nothing. Enter Unit 187.
Enter Industrial Music. Or for some readers, welcome it back. This album, although just available today through vendetta-music.com sings a marketing song of something new, means nothing more than something just released that reminds those weird, freakish kids of what this genre can be.

Yeah, freaks are freaks, let it go. This is not an article about the weirdness, but about the music. Unit 187 has always just been on the outer reaches of what I considered good industrial. It seemed a bit contrived, forced, and EBM-ish. How my perception has changed. No matter the "underground scene" or the "underground chatter," this is back to the basics of "Industrial." I know, I am using a lot of quotes, but I'm just trying to prove the point that a lot of people don't know how to clasiffy music... myself included. We resort to commonplace terms of EBM, Pop, Weird, or I don't know.

Listening to this album, I found myself stuck in that rut as well, until the song "Threatened" came on. It was a whole new story. I had to start the album over again because I felt like a judgmental prick. Yeah, I was right. I am that prick.

Anybody who has been in the music industry at all, let alone the "underground" music industry, tends to be biased to their favourites. I have always liked Unit 187, but as an outsider sort of band that I could fall back on when I got bored. This album changes all of that. It's a short, smaller album, that speaks volumes... literally. The first 4 songs make you think, and the rest of the album kind of bitch-slaps you into a "what=were-you-thinking" mode. This is not an outsider band. Maybe they never were. This is the album that answers the yea or nay question. It answers it well. For the first time in a lot of years, I cannot say there is anything on this album I would have left out had I made it myself. Each song screams for acceptance, and each song earns it.

Listen a few times listen well, and enjoy it.


Unit's new album, "Out for Blood" has been completed and mixed by Ken "Hiwatt" Marshall in Los Angeles. We're just completing some press and promo photos, and we're activly shopping this killer album for a record or promotions deal. New Unit:187 will be out soon, and we plan to tour this album sometime within the next year! Keep posted here for updates of check out our Myspace Page for more details.


Almost 2 years since the last update - where has the time gone?! I promise you a new Unit:187 album is coming soon! We've been working hard writing lots of tracks, and we've now boiled it down to the core tracks that will be included on the next album. New technology and the internet have changed and the way music is distributed, so expect our new material to be available directly from top download sites and also on CD shortly. Ken "Hiwatt" Marshall has been busy mixing the album at his Los Angeles studio over the past few weeks, and new mixes and songs are amazing. Stay with us, you won't be disappointed!

John Morgan, Tod Law, and Chris Peterson


After a recent studio break to work on other projects, John and Tod are back with the added help of Chris Peterson and Rom DiPrisco. For your listening pleasure we've posted some samples of thier latest work here:

Blood for Blood
Famous Face

Thanks to all our fans who have sent us letters over the past few years >> you inspire us to keep making music.


Unit's song Anger Management was recently featured in Episode 557 of the Sopranos. Tod and John are forging ahead on new material, with several all new songs near completion and lots of guitar back in the mix once again


Unit:187 is putting the finishing touches on 3 new tracks for an upcoming new yet untitiled album. COP Int. has recently been handed some new remixes of some of our older tunes, including an absolutely amazing remix of 'Loaded' by Rom DiPrisco of Bitstream Dream. Look for these tracks on a upcoming COP CD featuring Unit:187 along with 3 other COP bands. Some new tracks will be posted in the Evidence section within a few days.


Unit is busy working on 2 new songs, yet un-named, but both devestatingly heavy with a full guitar feel. Tod tracked his vocals before the holidays and we're just finishing off the mixing. I'll have samples on the website for you all soon. We will be releasing a CD which features all the best of our previous 2 albums, remixes and singles. This CD will be sold exclusively by us here on our website, so keep coming back for more info over the next month. Best of the New Year to everyone - John and Tod


Unit's Bad Eggs remix of Funker Vogt's - Date of Expiration is now out on the 'Revivour' remix album on Metropolis Records.

Working on new material for our next album and single release in the fall of this year. Sample material from our studio sessions will be posted over the next few months, so keep coming back to check out the new material. Expect to be brought to the extremes of darkness!


Anger Management has been given a full re-working by Funker Vogt who have delivered a deep vocoded masterpiece perfect for the clubs. This last week has as well seen Chris Peterson remix Capital Punishment a la Decree for a classic mix of true industrial and punishing beats. Both mixes are amazing and will be released on a single this fall. Check out samples of the tunes in the discography section. I've had to remove a fair amount of music from this area of our website due to extremely high download traffic - you freaks were burning through 8 Gig a month of bandwith! Look out for a Re-press of Loaded in the near future, combined with some bonus tracks from the first album.

Unit:187's Nobody has been included on BLC Production's Annihilation and Seduction 2CD Comp. Check out the website BLC Music for more info on the CD and where you can find copies.


Capital Punishment has been released. The album debuted at #4 on Germany's Alternative charts, and has been very well received by our fans and dj's who've been hammering the tracks in the darkwave clubs. Thanks again everyone for putting up with such delays getting this album out, and extra big thanks again to Chris Peterson for all his studio work with us and taking Tod into the boards out there on the ice, and COP Int for supporting this release and the next few to follow.


All is now in order. Stay tuned for Unit:187's first full album in over 5 years. Capital Punishment to be released Feb. 2003 on COP International.


We've added a few songs to the Evidence section again, including a sample of our recent remix of Funker Vogt's Date of Expiration. As well, check out a mix KoiHz and John did a few years back of the Grim Faeries. Our upcoming album is finished and all the album artwork is done, and it's awaiting pressing and will be out shortly in the new year. In the meantime, Chris Peterson is currently working on a remix of Capital Punishment for us, and along with a Funker Vogt remix of Anger Management, we should have more than enough material ready as well for a single release shortly after the album released.


Hey 187 Punters, more goods have been added to the Evidence section of the website - Old Songs!!! Yes, due to the lack of availability of our old material, I've put some of my favorite tracks up in full MP3 glory for you to download. Maybe a 187 best of CD in our future? Does this make any sense - what the? Machines of Chaos.... yes you may have heard - Tod Law and I have performed an underground live show with our obscure noise side project, and it was recorded. You'll find a sample from the show on the website - drop us an email and let us know if we should work on this shit more. Hoodies and more merch on the way soon.


Our apologies for the lack of recent updates to the website, but we’re now back on track, moved into a new studio, and churning out twisted beats and heaviness once again. Thanks for sticking with us! Capitol Punishment is completed and has been signed worldwide to COP International. Next up is to get this album out as soon as possible, so it looks like an early winter release if we can pull it off. Here’s the updated tracklisting:

1.      Capital Punishment (Anthony Valcic Mix)
2.      Lust Poison #9 (Decree’s Dry Heave Mix)
3.      Anger Management (Machineries of Heaven Mix)
4.      Second Class Citizen
5.      Angels
6.      Anger Management (Nightmare on Cordova St. Mix)
7.      Euphoria
8.      Infested
9.      Second Class Citizen (Chris Peterson Remix)

Several remixes and songs that never quite made the cut are most likely destined for the website soon as MP3 downloads, so keep a lookout here - These include the original of Capitol Punishement, a Blackland (Moev) remix of Second Class Citizen, and the original Lust Poison #9 which is super twisted.

Merch is coming soon as well, so look out for an updated website section where you can buy hoodies and shirts, and if can get ‘em back catalogue CD’s from our old days with Don Blanshard’s 21st Circuitry Label.

Cheers,  John


Chris Peterson remix of 'Angels' complete. Tod and John completing work the last original song for the album. Tenative track listing for 'Capital Punishment' is:

1.       Second Class Citizen
2.       Capital Punishment (Anthony Valcic Mix)
3.       Anger Management (Machineries of Heaven Remix)
4.       Lust Poison #9 (Decree Dry Heave Remix)
5.       Angels
6.       TBA new song
7.       Anger Management (Bitstream Dream Remix)
8.       Anger Management (Chris Peterson Remix)
9.       Second Class Citizen (Chris Peterson Remix)
10.     Second Class Citizen (Rhythm Killers Remix)
11.     Second Class Citizen (Blackland vs. Tom Ferris Remix)


Unit:187 website goes live. Keep posted here for the latest and greatest news from Unit:187, including their upcoming album and the more than 3 years worth of remix material that they still have yet to figure out what to do with. There will be website exclusive material coming soon...so stay tuned and enjoy the site!

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