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Sick Obsession

Burn you alive,
- You don't understand,
Start again
- You wish you could
In your face
- You're spilling blood
Won't forgive
- Still can't forget
Dug your hole
- There's no way out
Blame no one
- You can blame yourself
Had enough
- Take your last breath
Save your smile
'- Cause the damage is done

Can't stop now
It's a sick obsession 

You have crossed the line
Cause the damage is done

Pay back bitch
- Go run and hide
Why start it
- Know how it ends
Out for blood
- A pound of flesh
Eat your words
- Go choke on them
Stand alone
- I still don't care
Got no choice
- The time has come
You and me
- Let's end it now
Save your smile...

Cause the damage is done

Rolling Vengeance

Done - My time
Sick of - This shit
Under - My skin
Think you're - God's gift
Got it - All wrong
Heard it - Before
Burn this - This scene
Even - The score

Get them
Before they get you!

Sever - All ties
No love - For this
Trust - No one
Answer - With my fist
It's time - To cash in
Respect - Is earned
Nothing - For you
Refuse - To learn

Get them
Before they get you!


Take it back
Tear it down
Hide your fear
Stand your ground
I for one
Eye for eye
What it takes
Protect yours

Not without a fight,
Over my dead body

Take it back
Tear it down hide
Your fear
Stand your ground
Ifor one eye for eye
What it takes
Protect yours
Spit it out
Make your move
Past the point no return
Could care less
Dog eat dog
Not a game
No more threats

Not without a fight,
Over my dead body

Living to Die

Ten years of trying
- It's too late for me
Lost in my own mind
- My worst enemy
Down out rejected
- My fate is sealed
Wish i had the answers
- That life will reveal
Still can't believe
- It has come to this
There must be something
- That i have missed
It's all been wasted
- Still got to survive
I'm stuck here waiting
- Just living to die

Ain't a way to live
- Waiting to Die
Live among the dead
- Waiting to Die
something's got to give
- Waiting to Die
What's wrong with this
- Waiting to Die

Can't take the pressure
- Still love abuse
You have no idea
- The shit that I go through
Been ripped off , cheated
- Have it in for me
Let's set things straight
- I'm gonna make them bleed
So numb to this
- Been dead for years
Nothing left to do
- 'Cause no one cares
Just give me a reason
- A chance to decide
I'm stuck here waiting
- Just living to die


"For the people"
What a load of shit
"For the free world"
You can't be serious
"In the name of God"
I doubt He would agree
Just step aside
Like you have a choice

Disarm, Disrupt, Destroy

Religion has no place
We will pay for this
In more ways than one
They have no idea
What gives us the right
To make the decisions
Believe what you want
It makes no difference

Disarm, Disrupt, Destroy
Here we go again
Disarm, Disrupt, Destroy
Just another one

Lethal Injection

Pay the price
Wait in line
Has no voice

No way
Blood comes clean
Cut out
Second chance
Change your mind

Truth in hand
It will end
Calls your name

Kill him!
Make it right
Kill him!
Stop the pain
Kill him!
For cheap laughs


Don't think that...
I enjoy this,
I'm in it...
For the money
What if I got...
Lower standards
You still want
A piece of this?

You know where I have been
And you know the things I've done

 I'm a slut
i'm a whore,
I sold out ,
Everyone's got their price

I'm a slut,
I'm a whore
I sold out

Everyone's got their... price

The Wait
Originally by Killing Joke - off their self-titled debut album 1980

Motives changing
Day to day
The fire increases
Mask decay
I look at the river
White foam floats down
The body's poisoned
Gotta sit tight

The wait

After awakening
The silence grows
The screams subside
Distortion shows
Mutant thoughts
Of bad mouthed news
It's just another birth
Of distorted views

The wait


Do it
Let go
Just walk away
It's too late
It's too bad
You get left behind
I know
It hurts
Life passed you by
Your past
Just let it die

What are you
Waiting for ?
You are nothing!
You'll be nothing!

Lost cause
You know your place
Wake up
It's your choice
Of who you are
Don't wait
Think fast
You won't last long
No hope
No chane
No use to no one

What are you
Waiting for ?
You are nothing!
You'll be nothing!

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